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Michael Palmer

Fiddlehead Woodcraft

Michael Palmer

Gladstone, Oregon


My name is Michael Palmer, and I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. I love having grown up here and believe that this has fostered my love of nature and woodworking. I began my journey right after high school when I took a job as a carpenter for a local construction company.

My biggest inspiration for my craft is my family. Before I started Fiddlehead Woodcraft I was building toys for my children and customizing the house for my wife and I. Then I started creating the things I made for my family for others and really fell in love with the idea of creating from home.

I make everything by hand at home and am constantly adding to my catalogue. The children’s toys are made from Baltic Birch plywood or solid Poplar and finished with food grade FDA approved mineral oil and wax finish, so they are safe for children to chew on.

All of my sales go through my Etsy store, and I am always willing to take custom requests.


Blue, Green, Pink, Orange, Silver, Natural, Functional, Contemporary, Decorative, Bedroom, Wall art, Colorful, Earthy, Wood, Bookshelves, Box, Toy

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