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Tina & John Hospers

Cutting Edge Wood Creations

Tina & John Hospers

Damascus, Oregon


Tina Hospers / John Hospers - Collaborative wife and husband team, we combine digital technology with woodworking for our creative use of laser-cut 3-D Shadow Boxes and related artwork. Our inspiration comes from life experiences, the environment and nature.

With John’s 40 plus years in carpentry and Tina’s art education, photography and business background, we merge our skills to create our designs, which now show in galleries, fine art (35 plus shows annually) and solo shows.

Local galleries currently showing our work include Red Trillium Gallery in Troutdale, and Three Rivers Artist Gallery in Oregon City. We are currently actively selling in Fine Art Shows and our show schedule can be viewed on either our Facebook Page (Follow Us) or our website. We are available for commissioned pieces and samples of custom creations can be found on our Website.


Traditional, Decorative, Artwork, Wall art, Earthy, Wood, 3D Shadow Boxes and Related Wall and Shelf Artwork

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